THE TITHING ISSUE; Away With The Contention

Posted by Pastor Bankie on 12-Dec-2017

There's been so much talk in social media in recent times about the issue of tithing. It's not been pleasant too. But I guess it's because we Christians have made a big deal of a small matter, and so the backlash. Here are a few points I shared on a live radio program about the subject and I wish for every Christian to take note. Please note that I'm trying my best not to be seen to be on any side. ... more

Justification by faith; Why James had to write

Posted by Pastor Bankie on 12-Dec-2017

How are we justified? By faith alone? Why did James give the impression we are also justified by works? Is there not a difference between the works of faith and the works of the Law? The gospel of grace and salvation by faith has always been easy to misunderstand. It is a doctrine that is so easy to twist to one’s destruction. In this area of justification, the epistle of James is also easy to misunderstand and so we must be careful when we are reading it. In fact, the great reformer, Martin Luther, is reputed to have referred to the book of James as an epistle of straw because of the emphasis on the role of works in the process of salvation. Even though at other times Luther praised the book and generally accepted it, it shows how easy it is to also misunderstand James. A misunderstood James is the diametric opposite but equally dangerous version of a misunderstood Paul, but when both are well understood, they are just two sides of the same coin. ... more


Posted by Pastor Bankie on 01-Sep-2017

One of the major problems in life is self-deception. Imagine someone working supposedly for God all his or her life only for the Lord to say ‘you never worked for Me. In fact I never knew you; as far as I know you are worker of iniquity.’ Also imagine giving and giving, thinking that abundance will come as a result of these ‘seeds’ when actually nothing is on the way. Imagine thinking you are walking by faith when in truth your faith isn’t working at all. Walking in deception is definitely something to fear. There are different kinds of faith. So we can get our get our discussion right, let us at this time classify faith on the basis of the ability to save. When faith is looked at on the basis on the ability to save, two types emerge. Type-1 faith is the type that can save, and type-2 faith is that which cannot save. When we look at the vitality of these faith types, we can also call them faith-that-is-alive and faith-that-is-dead, respectively. ... more

OWN THAT DECISION (…and stop ‘blaming’ it on God)

Posted by Pastor Bankie on 12-Dec-2017

Many people like the sound of saying they are only doing what they are doing because the Lord wants it so, but it is not so good. It shows they are not fully persuaded about the wisdom of God; it is not actually a sign of spirituality. Imagine a man asking a woman for her hand in marriage, and telling her that it is only because the Lord said he should. I actually know a man who did that. He told the lady that left to him he wasn’t particularly interested, but that he had to obey the Lord. How would you like to be told that as a woman? ‘The Lord loves me, and has a plan for me, but the husband who He wants me to marry is not interested, He is just obeying the Lord.' Not exactly an exciting thought, is it? You feel just like an assignment and not a loved woman. It certainly wouldn't be nice to live in a home where everything is done only because the Lord wants it, while we actually have no feeling about it. ... more

KEEP ON TRUCKING (Life on a day-by-day basis)

Posted by Pastor Bankie on 04-Jul-2017

You see I have realized that the Lord in reality does not want us to be too concerned about tomorrow. He wants us, and commanded us so, to take the days one by one. One major reason why we end up disobeying the Lord is that we do not take such a simple injunction to heart. It is too simple and at the same time too drastic to be followed in it’s simplicity. How can we not do wise planning for tomorrow? The Lord Jesus cannot mean we should be that stupid, after all He himself had plans at certain times. ... more

Effective Christian Prayer

Posted by Pastor Bankie on 10-May-2017

Prayer is an effective tool He gave to us to get things done. Prayer is not merely a Christian mannerism and habit, but is a potent weapon of war and instrument of work for the believer. If we do it properly we will always see the results. One major reason why prayer is not effective is that Christians often pray like Gentiles. There is a difference between the prayer of a Christian and that of the gentiles. According to the Lord Jesus, gentile prayers are marked by a focus on their needs and by meaningless repetition. Modern gentile-type prayers are also focused on imaginary enemies. Gentiles believe that the more they pray the more likely they are to be heard. Christian prayer is marked by faith. ... more

The prophet’s ministry (Beware of false prophets)

Posted by Kingdom-Word Ministries on 04-Jul-2017

Being able to see into the realm of the spirit and also to accurately predict something does not make a person a true prophet. The fact that a person has supernatural knowledge, like being able to find missing things or know things about people do not make such a person a prophet. There are two related ways by which one can do these things without being a prophet and without even having the Spirit of God. One way is to learn spiritism or shamanism, and the second way is to possess a certain type of evil spirit. This spirit is described as a divination spirit or a familiar spirit. These are the two closely related methods employed by witch doctors and false prophets to impress people. ... more

Can I give my tithe to someone?

Posted by Pastor Bankie on 10-Mar-2017

Let’s get a few points correct. Are we tithing like Abraham or like Moses commanded? I suppose that every Christian will answer, “…like Abraham.” And that is good since we are not under the laws of Moses. The laws of Moses were commanded for the children of Israel as part of the covenant enacted on Sinai. Our own covenant is the New Covenant, it in the blood of Christ and has a different set of rules and codes. So it is easy to see that we are not following the codes of Moses. Yes, Abraham tithed before the Law and we are of the faith of Abraham. If we are tithing, we have to do it like Abraham and not as commanded by Moses. ... more

Should I give my whole first month’s salary to my church as ‘first-fruit’?

Posted by Pastor Bankie on 22-Dec-2016

Usually when I am asked this question, my answer is straightforward. “It is your money and you can do anything you like with it.” I mean that simply! Now, if the question is “did the Lord command that Christians should surrender their whole January salary (income) to their church as first-fruits?” Then I give another unequivocal answer: No, He never did. There is no such thing in the whole Bible, not even under the Law of Moses. Having said that, let me quickly clarify the practice of first-fruits as it was in the Bible. ... more

Which is more scientifically probable, Evolution or Creation?

Posted by Kingdom-Word on 17-Jan-2017

Looking at life from a purely scientific perspective, with no religious faith of any sort, it is interesting what facts there are. If someone says he or she doesn’t believe in God, that is simply a choice not supported by any rational evidence. It requires more ‘faith’ than believing in God. This is why Pastor Bankie says that atheism is religion. Here is a scientist's testimony to that fact ... more


Posted by Pastor Bankie on 17-Jan-2017

Toyota became a top car manufacturer in this world after just a few decades of existence. They ascribe it, at least to a large part, to the culture of 'kaizen' which they have. What is that? It means ‘continuous improvement.’ This is the key to their success. It is interesting that this is something that the Lord wants from the children of God. They are to constantly improve in the expression of godliness and holiness in their lives. Peter said "For if these qualities are yours and are increasing, they render you neither useless nor unfruitful in the true knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ." We are to constantly improve in our spiritual lives, no matter how well we think we are already doing. Anyone who thinks he is doing OK and so does not need improvement is actually in bad shape. It is called pride, and it is usually followed by a downfall (1 Cor 10:12, Prov 16:18). My personal testimony at this time is as follows: ... more


Posted by Pastor Bankie on 17-Jan-2017

There is a difference between hearing from God and having the mind of Christ, or knowing the will of God. This apparent confusion is easily understood when we see it from the life of Balaam. Before I go on to explain, let me summarize what we can learn from the encounter of Balaam, Balak and God: The fact that you heard the voice of God clearly does not mean you have discovered the will of God. It is obvious that Balaam heard His voice but missed His will. Many Christians have ‘heard’ God and yet they missed His will. Anytime you hear the voice of God, if indeed you are sure you did, what you have discovered is the judgement of God, not necessarily His will. ... more


Posted by Pastor Bankie on 17-Jan-2017

Every puzzle has a key. 'The Scriptures' is a big puzzle, and it needs a key. It is not easy at all to put decode it, unless, of course, we can code. Christ is the answer. Without Christ Jesus, we can't make good sense of the scriptures. Everything done by God was for one purpose, and that purpose is Christ. We must interpret the scriptures with this fact as the foundation, otherwise we will walk all the time of confusion, and the journey of understanding that should have taken only a few days would take forty years. ... more

The Law and the Prophets. (A little bit of Bible Exegesis)

Posted by Pastor Bankie on 17-Jan-2017

What is really the Old Testament of the Bible? Conventionally we refer to the portion of the Bible from Genesis to Malachi as the Old Testament. That expression is supposed to be just a reference name, but we have unconsciously carried the name into the literal sphere and treated that portion of the Bible as if it is old. We often hear statements from teachers of the word (very common in the Word of Faith movement), that the New Testament was written to the church and the Old Testament to Israel, and that a Christian should therefore spend more time reading the New Testament than the Old. But this is not quite accurate. ... more

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